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About Us

Hi. I'm Ryan Dobyns, and I aim to create the best open source genealogy software availble.

I'm a full-time software engineer by day, and a genealogy enthusiast by night. Naturally, I went to add a family tree to my personal website, but alas there were no open source and/or free alternatives out there. Until now!

  • Check out my personal website here.
  • Check out my other projects on GitHub.

Why choose us?

Easy to Use

Simply create an account, populate your family tree, and share with your loved ones.

File Storage

Store any relevant file for each family member including research, photos, and documents.

Share Your Family Tree

Send a secure invite only link to any loved one to give them access to your family tree.

Embed Interactive Tree

Simply copy a code snippet to your website, and anyone can have access to your family tree.

Open Source

The best part about this service, is that it's completely open source! Check it out or help contribute here.

Free Service

Did we mention that you get all of this for free! If you would like to contribute financially, contact us below.

Like what you see?

Get started by creating an account, and consider contributing to the open source project.

Store files and relevant information about your family.

Treely offers a safe place to store all of your precious genealogy research, photos, and documents.

Have you been searching for an easy solution to share your genealogical research? Well look no further. Treely enables you to share your family tree and all it's data with loved ones with a secure invite only link.

Embed an interactive family tree on your personal website.

Have a personal website and want to embed an interative family tree with all of your files? Well look no further.

All you need to do is create an account, add your family memebers and their relevant information. Then go to your settings and click on the embeddable link. Now paste that code snippet into your website, and it is ready to go!